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13 Because nobody else thought it was a good idea,
14 And started talking about bombing the Chinese,
15 aWho had become communist by now,
16 And might be helping the North Koreans a little bit,
17 Which meant that the Yanks should slap them around a little,
18 And make them stop.
19 Truman wanted to be very decisive about the whole situation,
20 Because that was his way,
21 But he decided to wait for a while,
22 And let MacArthur try his idea out,
23 Which caused the Chinese to invade Korea,
24 bAnd make the potato hotter than ever.

1 By this time, of course, Truman knew that cMacArthur wasn't any good at fighting wars,
2 And started telling him to stick to U.S. policy,
3 Which consisted of hanging around the 38th parallel,
4 And hoping the Chinese communists would go away.
5 But when Truman explained this to MacArthur,
6 MacArthur couldn't understand it,
7 At all,
8 Because he was senile,
9 dAnd thought that the idea of war was to go fight as hard as you can, get it all over with as soon as you can, and then come home,
10 Which was all wrong,
11 Because the Yanks were living in the nuclear age now,
12 eAnd everything was different,
13 Meaning that sometimes the hardest military decision is the decision to do nothing at all,
14 fEven if a bunch of Yank troops have to die for it,
15 gBecause when you're the Most Chosen Nation in the World,
16 You can't always do the first thing that pops into your head,
17 And besides,
18 What else was there to do exactly?
19 But MacArthur was around the bend,
20 And he wouldn't obey Truman's orders because he thought they were wrong,
21 hWhich is the worst possible crime a soldier can commit,
22 And so he bombed China,
23 And therefore had to be fired,
24 Which Truman did very very decisively,
25 iThus proving that he had been right all along,
26 jEven if MacArthur did get the biggest ticker-tape parade anyone ever had when he came home,
27 Right before he kfaded away.

1 With the lnext election coming up pretty fast, Truman needed one more completely decisive decision to cement his place in history,
2 mAnd so he decided not to run,
3 Because it didn't look like he was going to get to do anything really decisive in Korea before the election,