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20 Even though there were a whole bunch of Yank troops who weren't coming home this time,
21 But were staying in Europe,
22 Indefinitely,
23 Because somebody had to protect the poor defenseless Krauts from the Soviet army,
24 Which still hated the Krauts,
25 aFor some reason.

1 Actually, there were a lot of people who still hated the Krauts,
2 bBecause the Nazis had done something so awful in the last years of the war that it was kind of hard not to hate them.
3 cWhen the Russkie and Yank troops reconquered the territory that had been held by the Krauts,
4 dThey found concentration camps that weren't really concentration camps,
5 eBut death camps,
6 fWith names like Auschwitz and Treblinka and Bergen-Belsen,
7 gWhere the Nazis exterminated Jews and Gypsies and Armenians and everyone else they didn't like,
8 hBy gassing them in the shower,
9 iAnd then burning their bodies in beautifully engineered and constructed crematoria,
10 jBut only after pulling out their gold teeth,
11 kAnd turning their skin into lampshades,
12 lAnd performing a bunch of horrible medical experiments,
13 mAnd so much other unspeakable stuff that the Krauts didn't want to speak about it,
14 At all,
15 To anyone,
16 Except maybe the Poles,
17 Who liked the Jews about as much as the Krauts did,
18 And maybe even less,
19 Because the Krauts had always been arrogant enough to think they were as smart as the Jews,
20 Or almost as smart,
21 Which is not the case for the Poles,
22 nWho are as stupid as they come,
23 And as vicious as they are stupid,
24 Because why else would they have just sat around outside places like the Warsaw ghetto and Auschwitz,
25 Without doing anything at all to help?
26 Anyway, it was obvious that someone would have to be punished for the ogenocide thing,
27 In spite of the pMarshall Plan,
28 And whatever the Poles had done or hadn't done,
29 It was the Krauts who would have to pay,
30 Because just one look at the Auschwitz qcrematorium was all it took to prove that the Poles didn't build it,
31 Since it had been built the Kraut Way,
32 Meaning that it worked,
33 rAnd was practically indestructible,
34 sNot to mention so cold-bloodedly efficient that it made everybody in the world marvel at just how far technology had evolved since the first pointed stick.